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Cut out the square inside the ears and insert the Gray headband screws.


Then insert the Ears-Caps with the notch facing towards the Eye Lens area as shown.


Press the Ear-Caps in as shown... The helmet is now ready to be painted.


These are the parts used from the Headband hardware, 2 black capped nuts, 2 metal spacers and the Headband. Also shown is 2 small peaces of velcro Not from the hardware kit. The velco will help keep the headband in place.


Attached the velcro on the inside of the helmet as shown.


Hammer the metal dome washer from Headband kit down a bit. Not completely flat! This will allow the nut to get a better grip on the thread of the gray plastic bolt.


Put the washer in place on the headband.


Line the headband up with the grey screws.


Screw each side of the headband in.


Cut the provided lens as shown on the provided template. This will make the assemble MUCH easier. After the Headband is installed, the lens will "SNAP" in place (NO GLUE IS NEEDED!).